Artistic Director

Kelly DeHaan

I believe in the power of singing. Of course the power of music itself is far reaching and its importance in our world cannot be overstated, but I believe in the power of singing. Vocal music is the world’s purest art form. It is simply the human being using an instrument that has grown inside. As people learn, their voices develop. Strength comes from experience. Power and conviction come with pain and trial. Sweetness comes with love and age.

The power of singing is exponentially increased when we gather these human instruments into a chorus. When we sing together of pain or loss, the combined experiences of hundreds of humans is focused on that emotion and is transferred through the written music into the hearts of the audience. When we share our feelings about God or love or goodness we put ourselves into the music because the voice is us. You are hearing our stories as you listen to us sing. A singer is trapped without a song, and a song is unfulfilled until it is heard.

These experiences are not possible without the hard work of the choir, the ceaseless efforts of the Board of Trustees, our wonderful audiences, and members of the community willing to support our efforts.

We cannot wait to sing for you.

Kelly DeHaan
Artistic Director and Conductor

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