Broadway Bingo

7:00pm, Sat, Mar 25 2023

  • Event Details
  • Type of event: Performance
    Start time: 7:00pm
    Venue: Layton High School

    Description: Broadway Bingo
    Please read before purchasing tickets

    Broadway Bingo is Utah Voices' most popular concert of the season, and for good reason! It is an entertaining night filled with Broadway showtunes, prizes, high energy, and lots of laughter and fun.

    - Each patron will receive one Bingo card upon entry. 
    - Only one Bingo card per guest - no additional Bingo cards can be purchased. 
    - Patrons who believe they have a Bingo will have their card verified by a volunteer.
    - Prizes will be selected and distributed by a second volunteer after the card has been verified. Please don't ask for specific gifts - it is a random experience and it is what makes the evening fun!

    Doors open at 6:30pm. We are excited to see you at the show!